Welcome to my First blog entry...

Photo by Nina Subin

Photo by Nina Subin

For a while back in 2010-11, I wrote a column for an online food magazine, Real Eats, edited by the brilliant and much-beloved Sean Elder. Ended up the online magazine notion was still in its infancy and Real Eats had a short but very happy life—at least, happy for those of us who wrote for it.  

I had elected to be the “calendar girl” and each month I wrote a piece about whatever holiday was being celebrated that month. I was interested in the notion of family tradition, how the holiday rituals we grow up with morph into those we celebrate (or don’t) as adults.  And so, my pieces for Real Eats became an opportunity to look at my own somewhat zany family traditions as a child, and the ones I have developed with my own children, punctuated with recipes.


Now it’s years later, and some of the seeds of those columns in Real Eats found their way into material I grew in my upcoming memoir All Happy Families.  The book comes out in August, 2018. So, it seems a good time to begin an occasional blog.